When you first start your business you may not be able to afford premises.  You may not want to use your home address.  Or when you set up a limited company you might want to give HMRC a mailing address other than your own home.  This is when a Virtual Office or Registered Office address will benefit you.

Using a London virtual office address you don’t have to worry about people knowing where you live.  You can advertise it on your website and company paper.  Give it to your customers as a correspondence address.  The office staff will forward your mail to your home.

Maybe you live in Manchester and want to do business in London.  A London office would be ideal and you could also add a Call-Answering-Service where you can get a London number to advertise your company to potential clients.  Or choose from other locations in England.

Simply fill in the form below and email it back us with all relative documentation so that you can start using your new address right away.

You will need to provide proof of identity, proof of address and various other documents prior to set up.

For more information and pricing on getting a London virtual office address or HMRC registered office address please contact us.