“I had a bad experience last year with telephone marketing with another company and was completely put off the idea of ever spending another penny on telephone marketing again. I received a call from David who managed to convince me that he could make it work for me. I realised that he had managed to win me over, and if he could sell something to me that I thought I didn’t want, I knew he would be able to sell my company’s websites… which he did! It’s the day after a very short campaign that I undertook, and I have a whole wad of paper in front of me, which all contain very good leads. I am easily going to make 10 times the amount that I spent on the campaign, and I put that down to David’s selling skills. I was so happy that I even booked the next campaign straight away. I really believe that your company will help me to reach the “next level” and I hope I can continue to grow my business with you.”
Gavin Harris, Proprietor

Plastic Box