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Virtual Training Coordinator – what’s that all about?

Anne first started out as a training coordinator in 1997 when she was hired by Hewlett Packard.

She was very nervous in the interview. However, she had a wonderful female boss called Jill who was very encouraging over the next couple of years.

Anne was responsible for the internal NT Networking and NOS Installation & Trouble Shooting program for HP.

It entailed listing courses on the intranet (internal company portal), where the engineers would visit to enrol. It was the first time she’d used the internet and the ‘go to’ search engine was Netscape at the time!

Anne would have to do a training needs analysis for each delegate. She would then make sure that they had completed the necessary pre-requisite courses before they could attend. Then she would send out the joining instructions.

After the course completion it was time to set up the CAT testing. This was the Company’s internal certification for network administration etc.

It involved visits to the various HP offices around the UK and Ireland. Anne would have to set up the workstations ready for the engineers to take the mandatory tests. Engineers could also attend the purpose built testing room at the head office.

She thoroughly enjoyed the role, but a new manager took over and completely overhauled the department. She then moved over HP Education which was a similar role but the courses were Microsoft Office related.

The next training administrator role was for Dell Computers where she had to enrol all the new employees on to the new starter induction training and after that a few similar roles for Agilent Technologies and United Utilities.

Anne set up her virtual office services business in 2004. One of her first customers was a computer training company where she also worked as a training coordinator.

She also ran her own training business from 2008 to 2014. The types of training offered were Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Personal Development and Management training. This was by utilising her well earned skills from previous positions.

Virtual Training Coordinator – what’s in it for you?

Freelance Office Services and Virtual Assistance can help with all aspects of your training logisitics. The virtual training coordinator can do whatever you need.

From listing courses to getting bookings and taking payments. To sending out joining instructions and getting bums on seats. You can count on us to get it done!

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