Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant – To Do List

The day in the life of a Virtual Assistant – here’s our to do list:

• Wake up 7am, have some porridge & coffee & get dressed
• Watch a bit of morning TV on Amazon Firestick & make a cup of tea
• Take the dogs for a walk around my Turkish mountain village
• Log onto PC 11am (2 hours in front of UK)
• Check all emails & enquiries for my customers
• Make another cup of tea
• Answer the phone & process a few orders for a bed company
• Process a quote for security staff for a security services customer
• Update website content & schedule social media for the bed company
• Screen PR calls for a journalist & transfer appropriately
• Have a bite to eat & another cup of tea
• Renew a London virtual office for a company based in the South
• Take enquires for a Sharepoint company & forward via email
• Collate customer data for a mailshot and send out newsletter
• Schedule social media posts for a beauty salon in Sharm El Sheikh
• Install a few plugins to my own website and update blog
• Feed the dogs
• Transcribe a schedule of condition and HR disciplinary
• 7.30pm log off, sit down to a meal, then TV for the evening.

So what does your day look like – can we help with your ‘to do’ list?