A social media portfolio of promo videos we’ve created for some of our customers.

One of our most recent customers Definitive Kitchens Limited whom we provide social media & content management and virtual assistant services. This was specifically for Black Friday sales.

Then we followed through with Cyber Monday. The whole sale lasted a period of 4 days. We also sent out a mailshot to website subscribers advising them of the sale amongst posting to social media.

Our latest creation for a forth coming January Sale promotion.

A simple message about the most visited products in a particular month.

This is one of our overseas clients based in Belize. They have several companies that we do social media management for.

This particular infographic is for the Property Transfer business which provides a cost affordable solution for people purchasing property in Belize. It’s important to remember to check everything before you sign on the dotted line to avoid being scammed. Here we list the dos and don’ts when it comes to purchasing property in Belize.

Our customer Property Transfer Limited.

A straightforward video promo targeted towards individuals looking to transfer a property to another party. Posted across various social media pages.

This short video is similar to the above, but it is targeted towards people who need to transfer a property in order to complete a business transaction.

A simple yet effective design giving away a few tips on purchasing property in Belize

A short promo video advertising the services/benefits of using a security services company in the UK – in this instance JTC Security Services Limited who is a long standing customer.

Another short promo video for a tattoo, hair and beauty salon in Sharm El Sheikh. Our customer Sharm Salon Tattoo & Beauty.

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