Social Media for Small Business Owners

You’re a small business owner and you are finding social media management a marketing nightmare.

Confused about social media?

Finding customers is difficult amongst all the social media frenzy.  You just don’t have the time and you are not sure where to start.

You may have a Facebook page and/or group which is great for advertising to locals although followers can be hard to find.

What about the other social media sites such as Twitter, Linked In, Google My business, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing Places and YouTube for instance?

You need to have a presence on various media outlets so you can target not only individuals but also companies.

Each platform requires a slightly different approach so what works on Facebook would not be so effective on Twitter.

For instance, how many of you are posting videos and images? These are proven to get the most reactions and engagements by far.

Are you checking in to your page regularly?  How many of you know about hashtags and the best way to use them?

Using them incorrectly or too many at once can have adverse effects.

FOSVA Social Media Management

The Social Media Virtual Assistant can get you set up on all platforms so that you’re appearing on Google searches.

We can also manage your day to day social media scheduling by adding content to your sites using a central platform.

Then you can focus on building your business.  Let us take the strain and get your business noticed.

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