A Digital Transcription Service for Busy People

An Audio Transcription service means you can get your audio transcribed into printable format. Great if you’re a busy exective.

Audio Transcription Service

Perhaps you’re a busy human resources manager with appraisals or disciplinary hearings to take care of. You’ll need to get these written up for your records.

You could be a private investigator or criminal evidence lawyer with recordings that need to be documented for court hearings.

If you’re a busy surveyor you probably have many schedules of condition that need typing up for house purchases and disputes – we can do it for you.

Maybe you have attended a seminar and recorded the whole thing and want to keep a copy on paper. No problem because we type fast!

Whatever it is you need converting from digital to hard copy, FOSVA offers a fantastic audio transcription service.

Your virtual assistant will transcribe the audio file into Word or PDF format using transcription software.

We will usually email the completed transcript back to you within 48 hours because we know time is of the essence.

There is no need to be concerned about lack of confidentiality as discretion is our middle name because we know how important it is to you.

As we charge per audio minute, there are no hidden charges so you will know the cost upfront.

If you need more information use our chat bot below. Or if you prefer get in touch other ways.