Audio Transcription Service for busy people

An Audio Transcription Service is a great way to get your words and recordings on paper especially if you’re a busy executive.

Perhaps you a busy HR Manager who needs disciplinary hearings transcribed?  Then again you could be a Private Investigator recording your findings, or Police Officer interviewing criminal suspects. 

You could also work as a lawyer or accountant and have important information to get typed up.  Or a busy surveyor recording property damage or inventories.

FOSVA offers a fantastic audio transcription service.  Your assistant will transcribe all of your digital recordings confidentially and professionally into a Word document.  

Just send over the file electronically and the transcriber will type it up and email it back to you as required.

Most companies will charge an hourly rate for audio transcription.  Audio transcription takes around four times the length of a file to transcribe.  Also, interviews and poor audio recordings can take much longer.

So this potentially means that one Virtual Assistant could take one hour to transcribe your file, when another would take 3 hours. 

We will charge you per audio minute so you will know exactly how much you will be paying in advance. There will be no surprises!   

The transcriber will be a professional audio typist and will turn around your transcription within a specified timeframe. This is normally within 48 hours depending on the length of the audio recording.  

If your recordings are sensitive we can sign a non disclosure or confidentiality agreement to put your mind at rest.  This is important for police and criminal evidence material which we have experience of. 

When you’re ready to use the service, just contact us.

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Get your audio transcribed onto paper.
Get your audio transcribed onto paper.