An Answering Service for Small Business Owners

When you’re a busy start up or small business it can be difficult to keep on top of enquiries so using an answering service makes good business sense.  

Answering Service for Small Business Owners and other small businesses

Not taking an important call could be the difference between winning or losing a potential client.

Having your phones calls handled when you find it difficult whilst driving or when you’re in a meeting would be a distinct advantage.

If you’re a training company and you need to take bookings, but you only have one member of staff.  Or maybe your office administrator is on maternity leave.

These scenarios can be a problem.  Using our call answering service will give you that peace of mind.

How can you benefit?

Our answering service lets you divert your calls to a professional English speaking Virtual Assistant.  She will take your calls and answer in your company name.

Your Virtual Assistant will then forward your messages to you by email, Whatsapp or SMS if required.  You simply divert your calls to a number we allocate to your business.

This allocated number is so we can differentiate between company names and know that it’s your clients who are calling.

You can also get a telephone number for your business to advertise if you don’t want to use your existing number and this can be anywhere in the UK, some of Europe and the USA.

This is handy if your customer base is in a different part of the country and you want a local number for them to call.

Maybe you just want your customers to deal with a native English speaker who also has local knowledge of the area.

However, the good thing about our virtual call answering service is our virtual assistants can be anywhere in the world but your customers will believe they are in your own office!

It’s all very clever and you don’t have to worry about missing potential new clients as we’ve got it covered.

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